Estate and succession planning

Death is an inevitability that nobody wishes to contemplate.  However, better to plan for the tax requirements associated with your passing now than to leave it to your loved ones and executor to endure.  

Let us plan for a smooth transition subsequent to your passing by minimizing estate tax obligations in order to facilitate the maximization of your heirs’ inheritance.

Tax preparation and planning

We prepare all types of income tax returns – personal (T1), corporate (T2), estate (T3), trust (T3) and partnership (T5013).
We also prepare business returns such as - Payroll (T4), Investment (T5), Contract Reporting (T5018) and Workplace Safety Insurance Board Returns.
Allow us to minimize your tax burden with effective tax planning.  As a trusted tax advisor, we can assist with managing your tax situation and that of your family.

Worried about that income tax balance due at the end of the year? 

Let us help by implementing an instalment plan to avoid that large liability at year’s end.

Business Advisory


We can assist in assessing and implementing potential transactions.  For instance:

Looking to buy or sell a business? 

Should you lease or purchase a business asset?

Contemplating incorporation?

Are you considering passing your business onto one of your children?

Thinking of selling your cottage/second property or passing it onto your children?

Let us determine the consequences of these potential transactions before you commit to them.

Life events

Let us assist in planning for these events before they occur:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Child’s first day of university/college.
  • Do your parents require your time, care and financial assistance?
  • Have your parents, children or yourself become disabled or partially so?
  • Have you been requested to relocate by your employer?
  • Leaving the country on a permanent basis?
  • Are building or buying a brand new home?

We can help you plan for all of life’s twists, turns and eventualities.

Richard Grieder